Maverick Graber
Maverick Models 1/24th Scale
and you thought it was real! hee hee hee
Custom Built Model given to my by Jeff Koch ex editor of HOT ROD Magazine, Now editor of Hemmings Muscle Machines.. He said he built it back in High School.  Johan Kit with parts from a MPC Boss Mustang Kit (wheels, Spoiler and mirror.  Decals by  Fred Cady. Hood sanded and filled for a flat hood.  Thanks Jeff!
NMCA Maverick
Custom built Maverick built my ME!   427 SOHC, tunnelramed, duel carbs w/  Nitrous backed with a Lenco Tranny.  What a dream car eh?  Compsed of 5 model kits.  Johan Body and Motor, Revell Wing, wheels and Chassis, Tamaya Supra Seats, other parts from other models used as well (interior, motor, chassis etc).
Maverick Funny Car
Built by my father back in the 70's.  Guess i was destend to drive a Maverick.  Also a Johan Kit.  Don't ask where to get one of these puppies cuz you'll never find one.  This ones got a Boss 429 Blown and Injected.  Check out them small Tires!
All Three Mavericks
All 3 Dream cars! Only if they were real.  Well I have one White Maverick and One Blue Maverick all I need know is an Orange one and about a couple a million to build them to look like thiese ones!
be a differant be maverick...
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